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blankTON – random rants in words and sounds. and some more.

blankTON started in 1999 in Vienna, Austria as a small and specialized public relations consultancy for independent labels and artists, focussing on the vibrant electronic music scene in Austria – as time went by, it grew to be a fully fledged company, a wholistic full service agency offering a broad range of possibilities in B2B- and B2C-marketing. But after being exhaustingly busy for more than 5 years within a declining industry, we decided to call it a day with all this big agency business.

But somehow blankTON refused to die – so in early 2013 we founded blankTON recordings and started to release our own material and those of good friends. We also host a monthly radio show, review some music and for customers in Austria (other countries on request) we still offer the blankTON.abo – a monthly CD-service, which has been re-launched in june 2012.

And we still offer consultation and guidance when it comes to public relations, marketing, strategy and staying alive in the music business in general.

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with blankTON please feel free to also subscribe to our monthly newsletter here – or contact us directly at bureau@blankton.org

yours sincerly,

mikka blank a.k.a. michael lachsteiner (founder)