Turista by Henrique Cristo
Turista by Henrique Cristo

João Gomes, aka Turista, is back where he was born, in Lisbon, after having spent most of the 1990ies in London where he moved to play with Madchester-influenced outfit LX-90. He is a graduate from Berklee and SAE and currently works as a musician, sound engineer and music producer. His musical work is deeply rooted in  the experimental electronica of the 1990ies, but the versatile producer that he is, he also composed orchestral scores for short films and theatre plays. His “Hundred Eyes Remix” for Mikka Blank & Sanna-Piritas’ “Argos” is his first official release under his Turista pseudonym. Before that he released a handful of tracks on the web for free, ranging from very experimental to sunbathed house. But his characteristic sound-aesthetics can be found in all his work: intricate and subtle, even with his upbeat tracks and with a constant underlying vibe of positivity.

Electronic music with sharp edges that won’t hurt and first and foremost an artist with a highly unique style. His first work for blankTON recordings takes no prisoners and evokes the spirit of old school raves as well as the high-time of electronica eccentricities from circa 1992. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!



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