Liza Lauda

Liza Lauda by Anita Schmid - click for HiRez
Liza Lauda by Anita Schmid – click for HiRez

Hailing from Vienna, those two gifted, young and fantastic looking musicians will take over the world in a matter of minutes.
Equipped with Ottos’ outstanding voice, Max’ fabulous guitarisms and a common love for rock’n’roll AND electronics, only bullets will stop them.
Make sure they are silver.

Liza Lauda is Otto Römisch and Max Aichinger.
Liza Lauda is a phenomenal voice, fancy guitars and a Revox A-77.
Liza Lauda is analogue.
Liza Lauda is digital.
Liza Lauda is handmade.
Liza Lauda is on tape.
Liza Lauda is chic.
Liza Lauda is mass hysteria on purpose.
Liza Lauda makes your hips swing when you got the blues.
Liza Lauda is calculated madness.
Liza Lauda describes pictures of the past in neon-sepia.
Liza Lauda is a dusty circus.
Liza Lauda is a Sunday afternoon summer rain.
Liza Lauda plays at the carnival in Gotham City.
Liza Lauda is a man in a tuxedo, bouncing on a rubber ball somewhere else.
Liza Lauda is easy listening for existentialists.

Liza Lauda is big city.
Liza Lauda is not soon, but NOW!


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