Various Artists – Eight Years blankTON recordings (Album Download)


blankTON Recordings celebrates its first eight years with eight brand new tracks and a further eight classic tracks from the catalogue featuring music ranging from percussive electronic sounds, post-rock and electropop to the ethereal piano ballad – all in the spirit of the traditional independent labels of the 90’s, where vision and style came first, rather than a single homogeneous sound.


Andrea Bucko : 1000 Years (1000 Flames Remix)
Mikka Blank : Enter The Void
Cay Taylan : Strollin (featuring Jazzmin)
Collapsing New People : Flying Under Your Radar (featuring Schaumstoff)
Harz : Shanti
Liza Lauda : Right Time
Cay Taylan : Zola’s Dance
1000 Flames : The Machine Stops
The Kung Fu Divas : Tekk Me (Weisz & Schrenk Remix)
Harz : Kassettinger
Mikka Blank : Phantom Island (Cay Taylan Main Remix)
Collapsing New People : Strom (Leitstrahl Remix)
Koenigleopold vs Bergmann : Schnelles Geld
Liza Lauda : Shame On You
1000 Flames : Drowning
Andrea Bucko : Escape