We welcome Svila to the house of blankTON: we are happy to have you here.

An atmospheric guitar soaked in fx-chains, heavy basslines, and live drums combines to generate an organic texture that is smooth as silk yet otherworldly. Drawing from influences such as Stoner Rock, Post Rock, Dub, Electronic Music, and Soundtracks, Svila create their very own characteristic soundscapes.





Pavle Jung and Srdjan Trbic, friends from Bosnia and Herzegovina, began experimenting with electro-acoustic music during their studies of architecture at the University of Vienna. They were later joined by Francesco Sologuren, a sound engineer and sound enthusiast, and Vienna resident originally from Peru. Together, they founded Svila and continued their experiments. Since 2022, they have performed at various venues in Vienna. In the summer of 2024, a mini-tour through Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina will take place. Their debut EP is out March 22nd 2024 on blankTON recordings, with an album planned for the end of the year.




Svila- Svila EP (Digital EP)

A beautiful version of this release on vinyl is in the making and will be available soon.