Mikka Blank


Mikka Blank by Damian Richard

It all began when the very young Mikka listened to the impressive record-collection of his cool uncle D. and got a taste of Hendrix, Kraftwerk, Doors, Pink Floyd and more. Only a little bit later he got a Roland SH1000 and quickly learned to program the thing. Additional drumlessons also didn’t hurt. The result of this newfound skills combined with a (only semi-working) self-made mixing desk that fed into his taperecorder led to his first release: “The Terms Of Trade – s/t” – a cassette-only-release, all hand-made and „limited“ to 30 copies. The sound? A layering of various patterns created with the Roland, somewhat near old-school-industrial and minimal music. But so he had his first release at the age of 17, besides starting to organise parties (where the actual mixing of the records involved two home-hi-fi-setups). In his mid-twenties he started out with the music industry and stayed there for a while, shelving his musical ambitions, but every time he visited his favourite record shop – still there would be a “The Terms Of Trade” cassettes on display. Later he met the folks of Klein Records and learned more about profound producing methods and took up producing again. But still, he insisted on making “non-music” and released two abstract christmas carols on the short lived styrian label Mrs. Lee. He again started to DJ and worked as a sounddesigner for websites and together with Flo Waitzbauer aka Mr. Supersultan he started the Kung Fu Divas in 2004. And it was on Flo’s label Goldton Records , where the first new original material by Mikka saw the light of day: „Dogon Dip Tank“. But to be really free to release whatever came to his mind, Mikka revamped his old brand blankTON, home to his activities as a pr-agent, eventmanager and more as the recording label blankTON recordings with the first release, the „Back To Mali EP“ in 2013 and has continued to release new music ever since, fueled by the spirit of electronic music with a broad range of influences from the 70ies to today.









Liquid Radio EP (4tr Download 2016)
Liquid Radio Session (continuous one hour mix, Download 2016)
Phantom Island : The Cay Taylan Remixes (4tr Download 2016)
The Interzone Reacts (10tr CD Album, 12tr Download, 2015)
Camaro EP feat. Sanna-Pirita (3tr, Download 2014)
Interzone Reaktor (11tr CD Album, 13tr Download 2014)
Live LDRM Club Vienna August 2013 (continuous one hour live session, Download 2014)
Argos feat. Sanna-Pirita EP (3tr, Download 2013)
Back To Mali EP (3tr, Download 2013)
Dogon Dip Tank (1tr, Download 2011)

as Pointblank – Tannenbaum:Zimmerbrand; Dumpa (both on Mrs Lee Christmas, CD, 2000)

as The Terms Of Trade – The Terms Of Trade (4tr, album, cassette, 1988)

Nicole Jaey & Harry Jen – Ritual Fusion (Mikka Blank Remix)
Koenigleopold – Aalfang Remixed (incl Mikka Blank Remix, 2tr Download, 2013)

with the Kung Fu Divas:
The Kung Fu Divas – Gummi Wummi (1tr Download 2016)
The Kung Fu Divas – The Greatest Hits (CD & Download, 13tr, 2015)
The Kung Fu Divas – Plunderkillaz (EP, Download 2013)
The Kung Fu Divas – Tekk Me (EP, Download 2013)
The Bandaloop – Shake Em (The Kung Fu Divas Booty Shaker Dub) (EP, CD, Download 2012)
UKO – Planet Janet (The Kung Fu Divas Remix) (EP, 12″, Download 2012)
The Fast Forwards – All My Life (The Kung Fu Divas Remix) (1tr, Download 2012)
The Kung Fu Divas – Who Is The KFD (1tr, Download 2011)
The Kung Fu Divas – Chiang Kai Shek Ur Ezz (2tr, Download 2011)
The Kung Fu Divas feat. DJ Collage – The Universalist EP (6tr, Download 2010)

other releases:
Markus Kienzl – Density, CD & Download 2009 (including Markus Kienzl vs. The Kung Fu Divas feat. DJ Collage – The Universalist Rework)
Radio FM 4 Sound Selection 11, 2CD, 2004 (including The Kung Fu Divas feat. DJ Collage – The Universalist (Radio FM4 Edit))
temp~festival 2003 compilation, Download & CD 2003 (including The Kung Fu Divas – KFD Airlines (Rough Demo Version)