Mikka Blank – Phantom Island (The Cay Taylan Remixes) OUT NOW

Art by Klaus Pichler
Art by Klaus Pichler


The music scene of Vienna wouldn’t be the same without the exploits of Cay Taylan, producer and DJ. Having started out in the early 2000s with the now defunct Couch Records imprint, he released – unfortunately – only one album (“SU”) which combined hiphop and downbeat with soul and tons of influences from music from all corners of the world. He then further pursued his career as a DJ, playing the clubs of the city at least on a monthly basis. But now we are glad that he got his hands back on producing. With already one remix for Mikka Blank under his belt, he went on to remix one more Mikka Blank-track, more precisely “Phantom Island” from “Interzone Reaktor“. Out came not one, but three different versions of the original, which we are glad to present to you as our newest addition to our catalogue! Please enjoy.


Mikka Blank – Phantom Island (Cay Taylan Remix)

Mikka Blank – Phantom Island (Cay Taylan Phantom Remix)

Mikka Blank – Phantom Island (Cay Taylan Island Remix)

Mikka Blank – Phantom Island (Original)

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