out now: Mikka Blank & Mista Chatman – On A Mission EP

Finally, the last chapter in Mikka Blanks Interzone-Series – and what a finish! The collaborative effort of viennese Mikka Blank with legendary reggae- & ragga-vocalist Mista Chatman from Seattle, USA, clocks in at an impressive 42 minutes in total which would technically make it an album. Contributions in remixes come from the great Cay Taylan, elektro-beatnik Alec Bronski, newly discovered production outfit Aztec Gamelan and Mikka Blank himself.

Some may remember Mista Chatmans distinctive style from collaborations in the past as DJ Collage with a lot of great artists like Sofa Surfers, Megablast, Stereotyp and many more.

As a contrast to the maybe a bit more moody and gloomy tracks from Mikka Blanks production lab, “On A Mission” is something different in it’s upbeat style and definitely something for the summer – with lots of love to everything involved we just want to say THANK YOU to all who made this possible and everyone who will pick up this tune and enjoy it!

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