The Art of the Interzone Reaktor

We are proud to present the full series of collages Klaus Pichler produced for Mikka Blanks Interzone Reaktor-album.

Sometimes it is time to take a break from photography and work with other kinds of visual arts. In the current case, photocollage has been the technique of choice. I really enjoyed working with old and found footage photographs and rearranging them to slightly absurd and eerie sceneries.” says Klaus Pichler himself about this wonderful piece(s) of work.

We strongly recommend to take a look at his main body of work at

Now please watch it all in it’s full glory:

The blankTON shop exclusive digital edition of the album also features a digital 21-page-booklet with all the images from the series – buy it here:

Some more future releases related to “Interzone Reaktor” on blankTON recordings will be graced by those images, as the video for the track “Titan” already is – masterfully arranged and set in motion by Ian Slade: