Various Artists : eight years blankTON recordings

The first compilation of tracks by artists recording and producing for blankTON recordings will be out soon.

“Eight Years blankTON recordings” will feature new tracks and remixes by Cay Taylan, 1000 Flames, Harz, Collapsing New People, Liza Lauda, Mikka Blank and many more. Also featured will be some favourite tracks from the catalogue and *drumroll* a very special re-issue-series will see it’s first light of day.

The wonderful artwork was painted by our friend and great artist Diana Deu and consists of five paintings. See more of her work here:

“Eight Years …” will be released as a strictly limited 2CD, featuring 16 tracks and all 5 paintings in a gatefold cover without plastic; as a digital download via our shop and as the usual stream via all common channels like spotify.

We like to thank Andrea Buckova, Armin Koch, Barca Baxant, Bernd Ammann, Bernhard Bergmann, Cay Taylan, Diana Deu, Flo Waitzbauer, Hannes Betzler, Klaus Pichler, Laurence Chatman, Leopold Riegler, Lukas König, Markus Stingl, Max Aichinger, Niklas Satanik, Otto  Römisch, Petronella & Liliane van der Alser, Stof Hofer, Thomas Völker, Tobias Zotter & everyone who supported us.

More on this soon, the release is planned for april 2022.

Thank you,