KOMPOST 3 – Ballads For Melancholy Robots

Kompost 3 Pressefoto4_farbe (Astrid Knie) WEBKOMPOST 3 is a 4-piece-ensemble from Vienna, playing jazz. That would be an easy and lazy explanation and it would of course, don’t do justice to the manifold and multifaceted music that this extraordinary quartet creates. Often hailed as one of the most promising new outfits of the impro/jazz-court in Vienna, they won’t really fit into either of this categories, strictly speaking. With already two studio- and one remix-album under their belt, the creative output of KOMPOST 3 has yet formed a rich body of work that comprises of funky grooves, odd soundscapes, cinematic contemplation, free-form improvisation and much more – all under a banner of beat-driven, state-of-the-art-jazz, that is fresh and exciting, sometimes surprising. With “Ballads For Melancholy Robots”, KOMPOST 3 now release their new album (out march 27th) that sets new standards, even for the bands ambitious approach: twelve tracks that meander between styles and once again demonstrate the unique musical force that is KOMPOST 3. Watch them live if you can – otherwise, order the/their album(s) – highly recommended!

Martin Eberle – trumpet, flugelhorn
Benny Omerzell – fender rhodes, organ, keys
Manu Mayr – doublebass, electric bass
Lukas König – drums, samples


Watch them play live on a balcony:

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