Round Nina – A Tribute To Nina Simone

roundninaThe legacy of one of the most remarkable and influential Soulsingers ever, Nina Simone, lies not only with her unique voice and style, but also with her exceptional personality. Her career spanned more than three decades and covered various genres including soul, jazz, pop, gospel, folk, r&b and even classical music. She also became a dedicated civil rights activist and the turmoils of her eventfull life are the stuff of legend – she repeatedly shot people, like the neighbours son for disturbing her contemplation or one of her managers when she felt he had betrayed her for her royalty income. But she never killed anyone, at least no one ever found out. But most of all, her characteristic voice and style of recital made her one in a million. If you want to know more about her, we recommend the recently published Princess Noire: The Tumultuous Reign of Nina Simone” by Nadine Cohodas. Buy it from your local dealer! But now here’s our album of the month – Verve Records gathered together a fantastic ensemble of more or less young soul- and pop-artists and had them redord cover-verions of ten remarkable Nina Simone classics. The result is an impressive collective bow before the great artist and her work as well as a tender and sweet affair, almost perfect for christmas-time if you are allergic to those seasonal carols …

watch a trailer for the album here:

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