Turista – Para Fora Cá Dentro

Another old friend and cherished guest of the house of blankTON is João Gomes, aka Turista who released his debut album just a few weeks ago. A native of Lisbon, João is well-known as a producer for various artists and an avid fan of labels such as Ninja Tune, Warp, and the like. He began playing synths at the age of 14 and studied sound engineering. Later we became colleagues at Nokia Music, where shared a keen understanding of how a digital music shop should operate but that definitely is a different story.

“Para Fora Cá Dentro” finally has arrived, João’s opus magnum – an album grounded in songs, highly advanced, rich in texture with a sparkling array of details with every turn. And there are plenty of turns. Augmented by Miguel Menezes on various basses and guitars and Patrícia Guimarães on vocals, João aka Turista plays out a very intricate quasi counterproposal to contemporary pop music. Avoiding conventional song structures and predictabilities, while also honouring them somehow, the listener can be surprised, maybe irritated but in any case entertained and intrigued. I promise.

“Para Fora Cá Dentro”  draws inspiration from various genres, such as techno, house, trip hop and drum and bass without imitating any of their milestones. It is meticulously crafted and a deliberate rejection of the repetitive formulas often associated with electronic music – an exercise in creativity and due to its richness a true immersive experience that opens up spaces for each listener’s individual contextual interpretation.

“Para Fora Cá Dentro” is designed for lovers of experimental electronic music that doesn’t venture too far out and won’t throw an abrasive “EXPERIMENTAL” harshly in your face. The album works its unique sonic experiences into a testament to the diversity of musical expression.

Listen to the album here: turistamusic.bandcamp.com/album/para-fora-c-dentro

More on Turista: linktr.ee/turista.music

Unfortunately, no physical release has been planned so far.