UKO – The Sista Sadie Life Show

Some people may know UKO already, most probably from their “Cafe Del Mar-Hit” Sunbeams almost 10 years ago – which led most people into believing that UKO would be just one more bland chill-out-outfit, but oh contraire – as soon as their self-titled first full-length album UKO came out, heads and minds where turned – in a good way. The release of  those ten tracks ranging from heavy groovers over pop-y songs to experimental breakbeat-tracks, accompanied by a series of ambitious live gigs, showcased the musical versatility of the producers in charge, the brothers Martin and Jürgen Nußbaum.

Unfortunately, like so many other good albums, “UKO” has only a limited availability these days – amazon marketplace has some (click the cover above) or you can try via Discogs. But their past works aren’t really the point here. Almost ten years after “UKO”, the brothers work it out – again. And this time they bring someone along. “The Sista Sadie Life Show” is based on sessions recorded with Tania Saedie almost immediately after the first album has been out. Her new album “Exhale”, produced by Sofa Surfer Markus Kienzl has been rightfully all over the media, but “The Sista Saedie Life Show” has something different to offer – where “Exhale” tends to contemplate inner turmoils and soundscapes evocating dark and rainy streets, “The Sista Saedie Life Show” has a more sunny feel to it, a light-footed and soulful, but still tremendously subtle structure resting on the foundations of pop and electronica, spiced with funk and soul.

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