Various Artists – EXPO 1

Contemporary classical music is definitely on the rise and is breaking the barriers of genres everywhere integrating elements from all sorts of electronic music, jazz, blues and many more. Soundtracks to movies like Arrival or Sicario by Johann Johannson and series like The Leftovers with a score and a selection of other music by Max Richter are highly acclaimed both by critics and the audience. And the connaisseurs of other styles like electronic music, pop and jazz are getting more interested in contemporary classical music as it provides a degree of innovation that seems to be currently missing in their accustomed fields. Deutsche Grammophon have seen the sights and now present “EXPO 1”, an excellent compilation of new approaches to classical music ranging from established composers such as Steve Reich, Ludovico Einaudi, Philip Glass and Hans-Joachim Roedelius to more recent artists like Max Richter, Johann Johannson and Chilly Gonzales. Also Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire and Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead appear with contributions to this brilliant compilation. Spread across two CDs and completed by a 20page booklet with liner notes by Stefan Hentz (DIE ZEIT, WDR), EXPO 1 is a wonderful showcase of what is also called “neo classical music” and highly recommended, especially for those grey and misty days to come.

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