blankTON radio 2013 #12

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So, here it is – the final blankTON radio issue for 2013. We spare you any “Best Tracks” or “Worst Dressed” lists and just note that we have great plans for 2014.

Most of what we planned for 2013 has been implemented, most importantly the record label – many people familiar with blankTON still think, that we always have been a recording imprint, but that’s not correct. Since 1999 blankTON took care of a  lot of things for artists, mostly public relation stuff, setting up shows, some marketing if there was budget available, various consulting stuff and a lot more.

But what we never did was releasing any music – this had just been started this april. We released much more than we intended to, but actually, that’s a good thing, because it was driven by some artists demand, who wanted to have a release on blankTON recordings. Well, thanks for that! But this should only be the beginning – if the motley crew as which we have gathered will be primed for scoring a hit is more or less a thing that only time will tell. We sure will not try to force this as the supreme theme of blankTON recordings is pure artistic expression. Nothing else. Maybe some fun should be involved. But let’s see.

The cup is well filled for 2014. So take good care and we wish you all a nothing less but fantastic 2014 already – now click the link and listen the final issue of blankTON radio 2014 – and enjoy! We fight for beauty!

Yours sincerely,

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