blankTON radio 2013 #10

blankton radio 10 2013This months episode comes completely free from any sci-fi-babble! Without extra charge! No sandworms, no space amazones or vegetable-shaped aliens, really. What a cheap trick and unworthy of the fine selection of grand tunes that’s been assembled here – or so! I say … And by the way,  11 out of 10 boring musicians and DJs would agree and state that they would rather “let the music speak for itself, yadda yadda, Zzzzz …” But out here in space we have a saying, but no one remembers it anyway, so please click here to play:

the tracks this month:

John Tejada – Asanebo
Brauns & Wagner – 1974 (John Tejada Remix)
Farbaromat – Chapter 2
Clara Moto – Hiding In The Bottom Drawer
Allen Alexis – Who Cares (Burnin Tears Remix)
Pablo Bolivar – Last Change (Take One)
Jack Dixon – Lose Myself (Dauwd Remix)
Guy Gerber – Timing
Martin Patino – Mindgames (Pablo Bolivar Remix)
Sebo K – MR
Pherox – Gabrielle (Rhadoo Remix)
Rhauder & Dreher – Effon (Rhauder Remix)
Sami Koivikko – Materialist
Simon Flowers – The Whisper Had It (Mark August Remix)
Pia Lund – Der Himmel (Monoroom Remix)
King Roc – Welcome To Zion
Kate Simko – Gamelan

please enjoy!

yours sincerely,


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