blankTON radio 2014 #4

blankTON radio 2014 #4What is there to say about the new issue of blankTON radio? Surely a lot. But due to our office suffering from a lack of heating maliciously produced by a sinister gas-leek in the houses fittings, all that goes through our head is: those who drill carelessly through the pipes and cause havoc and mayhem shall have a herd of bad tempered camel-fleas infest their scrotums, for at least a week. On the other hand – hey, Spring, wassup? Showing up for the party and leaving as soon as the action starts? Lame! Get your ass back and we’ll stop complaining. And bring beer. In the meantime, please enjoy a new issue of blankTON radio, selected and mixed by yours truly.

Bomb The Bass – Wandering Star (Ken Hayakawa Remix)
Lord Of The Isles – C020
Kaito – Everlasting
Who Made Who – Running Man (Dave DK Mix)
Jon Gravy – Sunflower
Mikele Dio feat. Aminata Seydi – A Kind Of Lite (Weisz & Schrenk Remix)
Blanali – Breath (SmacsKongRMX)
Eelke Kleijn – The Night (Pablo Bolivar Atom Remake)
Martin Brodin – Deep Shit
The Ramona Flowers – Dismantle And Rebuild (Amirali Remix)
Mikka Blank – Red Halo (taken from the forthcoming Mikka Blank Debut-Album!)

Yours sincerly,



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