blankTON radio 2014 #5

blankTON radio 2014 #5And now for something completely different. Namely elektro, from cherished acts like EPY, Impulse and Microthol, but also some 90ies-electronica from the sometimes so-called school of cologne with Jammin Unit, HEAD, Dr. Walker – this is a  spontaneously recorded mix, including some more leftfieldish tracks from the archives – and maybe a little bit closer to the music that i really care for and is also reflected in my own productions. And by the way, the release date for my debut album is set for my birthday on september 14th – in the meantime please enjoy blankTON radio!

The tracks:

Epy – Players At The Gate Of People
Eigner – Stalking (Microthol Remix)
Impulse – Wall Of Deceit
Jammin’ Unit – At The Pharma Office
H.E.A.D. – Notorious Dead
Dr. Walker & M. Flux feat. Nik Frost – Mainboard (Theme From Battery Park 98) –
Gregor Ellwart & Chris Lattner – Dub It Like It’s Hot
Mathew Jonson – Body In Motion (Akufen Remix)
Blue Foundation – Sweep (Mikkel Metal Reshape)
Solvent – Loss For Words

Yours sincerly,


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