blankTON radio 2014 #6 : The Kung Fu Divas

blankTON radio 2014 #6Drum roll, it’s the Kung Fu Divas! While we are busy adding the final touches to the first KFD full-length-album, out soon on Goldton Rec, we thought a little appearance on blankTON radio wouldn’t hurt. Actually, this mix had been posted before, so it’s not exactly a new one – this hour of aural pleasures focusses on favourites only – tracks that had mostly been released in the glorious 90ies, the decade of anything-goes in electronic music. Many of those tracks – let’s just say all of them – are very dear to me and have a huge influence on what i’m doing with my own music and of course with the KFD. Maybe you know some of them, maybe not. and i just couldn’t hesitate to include the quasi-tribute to 90ies electronica in general that i created with The Kung Fu Divas: Who Is The KFD. This mix has been a favourite amongst my Soundcloud-followers, but due to the annoying copyright-notices from said platform, i had to remove it from there, so it shall find a new life on the friendly DJ-Mix-Platform that ist PLAY.FM.

Anyway, here it is, so please enjoy:

The tracks:

Depth Charge – Han Do Jin
Renegade Soundwave – Transworld Siren
Terranova – 29
Propellerheads – Clang
Air Liquide – Combat Zone Part I
Chamber – Mercedes Bends
Chris de Luca & Peabird – Sooperglitcher
Computerjockeys – Pingpong
Digital Truth – Womb Of Fear
Leftfield – Snakeblood
Fluke – Atom Bomb (Atomix 1 Edit)
The Kung Fu Divas – Who Is The KFD
Autechre – Second Scepe
Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu

Yours sincerely,

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