blankTON radio – 8 years of eclectic discoification

the first blankTON radio show on in december 2004 seems to be ages ago. and it is! since then we broadcasted almost 150 hours of eclectic  mixes and engaged thousands of listeners from the whole globe with a full listening duration of 12,400 hours so far! i’m impressed myself. the main burden always laid with the mighty mikeBurns, chief of disco and master of the turntable – with occasionally support by Mister Supersultan and myself as well as a varied range of guests such as Fräulein G, Pesola, Eres/Weise and more. but now, with a sensational credit of 66 2-hour-long radiomixes for blankTON, Mister Burns is in need of change – so the discomeister hands over the headphones to yours truly.

so what is new? due to my crammed schedule (buying groceries, feeding the cats, fantasizing about world domination and the occasional acid flashback) the show is now downsized to a sharp and swift on-hour-affair, streamed live once a month. every second monday of every month at 10pm CET, to be precise – but i can’t remember this odd interval myself, so just watch this space for updates. it’s a bit of a soft re-launch and i hope i won’t put shame to the legacy of Mike who really put lots of effort into this and formulated some of the finest mixes i’ve ever heard – spinning outwards from disco-based tracks to the far outer reaches of dancemusic itself. i have prepared some new stuff as well as some old gems of which i find they didn’t get enough attention when they originally came out. and for blankTON radio i will let go a bit of the gloomy stuff i usually like to play and try to show a little sunnier side of myself – in respect to the discofied legacy that lays before me.

make sure to point your browser to tonight at 10pm CET for the stream.

and of course, i strongly recommend you browse through the archives of the blankTON Radio Show.

sincerely yours,


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