blankTON radio november 12 issue

F*** the Nineties, bring back the Noughties

This month brings you the 9th issue of the new series in the blankTON radio series – this time it’s a selection of fine so-called indiedance with a lot of electro and rockish influences straight from the 2000s and the glory days of hell-i-just-want-to-dance-to-some-music-with-balls. This mix is also dedicated to the shortlived, but legendary Destroy Rock’n’Roll-Club at the Wirr Untergrund in Vienna which rests in pieces now … thanks everyone, it’s been great!
So please enjoy another fine hour of shameless booty shaking and arms waving with Mikka Blank on the knobs of steel.
A warning for the faint-hearted: there are vocals involved. Lots of. Even in german, which may come as a shock – have some sourkrout and leatherhosn at the ready.

The tracks this month:

The Emperor Machine – Repetition
Walter Meego – Forever (Escort Remix – Pete Herbert Edit)
Andrew Weatherall – You Can’t Do Disco Without A Strat
Luomo – Tessio (Moonbootica Remix)
Maral Salmassi – Robot Queen
Playgroup – Overflow (Optimo Remix)
Golden Bug – My Teacher Is A Zombie
Minimal Compact – Deadly Weapons (Optimo Remix)
Pia Lund – Der Himmel (Monoroom Remix)
Loneshark – Hotline
Stratus – Vapour (Optimus Remix)
Future Loop Foundation – The Sea And The Sky (Padded Cell Remix)
40 Thieves – Theme From Nutrider

Please enjoy!

Yours sincerely,


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