blankTON radio october12 issue

it’s number 8 in the new series – yay! well we don’t know what you think, but here at the blankTON HQ deep inside the mountains, served and pampered by magical dwarfs, we are really enjoying those monthly mixdowns of aural unfug. and ok, we heard you, this time it’s a bit more uptempo and accessible again than the last issue – but just hear for yourself. we don’t feel obliged to provide seamless soundcarpets to doze off while dancing (or the other way round) but instead to maybe challenge you a bit to some stuff that’s a bit more, ehrm, intricate? you’ll be the judge! but enough of the jibberjabber – click play and please freak out.

the tracks this month:

The Heels Of Love – Flight 707 (Jadoo Remix)
Lindstrom – Eg-Ged-Osis (Todd Terje Extended Remix)
In Flagranti – Additional Alpha Blocker
Optimus – Blockhead
Dirty Minds – I’m For Pleasure (Glimmers vs. Ray Mang Salsa Dub)
Maelstrom – Enter The Cosmos (Pete Herbert Remix)
Roberto Rodriguez – Venus
Naum Gabo – Volgograd
The Beat Broker – Ice Castle
Booka Shade – Tomorrow Belongs To Us (Shameboy Remix)
Chris Ibbott – New System (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
Motor feat. Martin L. Gore – Man Made Machine (Radio Slave Remix)



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