blankTON radio september12

and this time – it’s personal. i mean, it’s personal every month, but in september it’s even personALER. because it’s the month of my birthday – and the best month of the year anyway – i took the liberty of picking up a few older tracks from something like 2006 up until now. most of them seemed to me to have been overlooked by many people and i just wanted to show some respect to acts like the fabulous Crossover from New York (not exactly a search engine-friendly name, i hear my inner marketing-pig whispering), MR Velcro Fastener fromFinland, the great Dub Taylor, of course the brilliant Ewan Pearson, my current favorite Pablo Bolivar as well as many others great artists. this month’s issue is way more subtle and more ehrm contemplative than it’s predecessors, so just listen … or try to dance to it, if you can…

the tracks:

Crossover – Phostographt
MR Velcro Fastener – By Your Command
Composite Profuse – CRC666
Rework – Jogging Beat (Roman Flugels Tender Feet Mix)
Dub Taylor – Placebo
SCSI9 – Summariata
Dich – Move Mind (Pablo Bolivar Electric Remix)
Dialogue – A Back In (Dub Taylor Reshape)
Ladytron – Evil (Ewan Pearson Remix)
Tigerskin – Knight 18
Villalobos – Easy Lee (Random Factor Remix)
Booka Shade – Planetary (Club Mix)
Golden Bug – Radio
!!! – AM/FM

please enjoy, thank you.

sincerely yours,


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