blankTON recordings in the mix – past/present/future

blankton radio 2014 1  copyFor this months’ issue of blankTON radio we thought it would be nice to have a look back and a look into the future of our newly founded recordings imprint which we founded a year ago – we all hope you enjoy this one hour of music …

*the tracks – and some notes …:

Mikka Blank – Mission Accomplished (unreleased)
Turista – Capitulation (from upcoming Turista single)
Mikka Blank – Phantom Island (from upcoming Mikka Blank album)
Koenigleopold versus Mikka Blank – Hole Dig Ocean (Live Dub) (unreleased version, original appears in “Aalfang Remixed“)
Mikka Blank & Sanna-Pirita – Argos (from “Argos” Single)
Mikka Blank – Back To Mali (Part 1) (from the “Back To Mali EP“)
Turista – Press Play (from upcoming Turista single)
Mikka Blank – Tell Me Lies (unreleased)
Mikka Blank – Retoyed (Live Dub) (unreleased)
Mikka Blank – Back To Mali (Part 2) (from the “Back To Mali EP“)
Mikka Blank & Sanna-Pirita – Camaro (from upcoming Mikka Blank & Sanna-Pirita Single)
Koenigleopold versus Bergmann – Schnelles Geld (from “Aalfang Remixed“)
Liza Lauda – Shame On You (from the “Circus EP“)

please enjoy,

yours sincerly,


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