blankTON.presents 2002-2005

A blast from the past – as it is now exactly 10 years ago that our last big club-event took place. here’s a quick look back on a few flyers of some of the most fantastic, hilarious, devastating, entertaining, disappointing, refreshing, uplifting and just smashing events we had the pleasure to host. it was great fun and lots of work. and we loved it. the blankTON.presents & blankTON.nights series ran for 3 years and in total we had almost 10,000 visitors during the course of the events. but as with almost every regular clubnight, we reached the point where we felt we needed to stop. so to everyone who had visited one or more of those glorious nights back then – and still remembers it … respect & cheers!

please feel free to comment, if you’d like to share some memories, give feedback, return found items, make belated entry payments or whatever…

yours sincerly,


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