Mikka Blank – Live LDRM Club Vienna August 2013

MB Live EP CoverLadies & gentlemen, here is blankTON recordings release #5. Recorded on a hot night last summer in Vienna in the belly of an old ship, that’s tied to the river Danube and hosts a club, a pool and a restaurant, this is the first live-set of Mikka Blank ever. As for authenticity, this comes as a continuous mix, consisting of 11 tracks – some of them older favourites, some remixes and some new tracks still in the making for Mikka Blanks debut-album, which will see a release soon. “Theme From Mikka Blank” is an oddity, as it’s the first rough layout of a track later released as  “Who Is The KFD” by the Kung Fu Divas. “Broken Toys In A House Of Glass” on the other hand is a rejected remix and “Tell Me Lies” is based around a spoken word performance by beat-poet Adrian Mitchell – a wonderful energetic piece of art. These three tracks won’t be available in this incarnation otherwise, due to obvious reasons. In a way, this also marks the first album-release on blankTON recordings and the first album release by Mikka Blank. So we hope you enjoy this 56 minutes of bass-heavy and volatile electronic beats.

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the tracklist:

Titan (from forthcoming album “Interzone Reaktor”)
Camaro (feat. Sanna-Pirita) (Live Dub)
Argos (feat. Sanna-Pirita) (Live Dub)
Mission Accomplished (alternative version from forthcoming album “Interzone Reaktor”)
Broken Toys In House Of Glass (unreleased)
Phantom Island (from forthcoming album “Interzone Reaktor”)
Back To Mali (Part 1)
Dogon Dip Tank
Hole Dig Ocean (feat. Koenigleopold) (Live Dub)
Theme From Mikka Blank (unreleased)
Tell Me Lies (unreleased)

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