Mikka Blank & Sanna-Pirita – ARGOS

Mikka Blank & Sanna-Pirita - Argos BRR003 blankTON recordingsARGOS is blankTON recordings release number 3 and the first team-up of MIKKA BLANK with outstanding vocalist SANNA-PIRITA from Finland.

SANNA-PIRITA lends her characteristic intuitive singing – a form of meditation or spiritual exercise where the singer spontaneously expresses inner rhythms and feelings while shaping words in the process without following any known language – to the backdrop of the cinematic and dub-influenced electronica of MIKKA BLANK.
In “Argos”, SANNA-PIRITA demonstrates her full vocal versatility, ranging from hypnotic siren to intimate whisper and tender spoken word. Take a trip deep into the artists minds with this hypnotic gem of a track.



The ARGOS EP also comes with the stomping “Hundred Eyes Remix” by TURISTA aka Joao Gomes from Lisbon, Portugal, known for his awe-inspiring work on various independent movie-scores, giving a slight hint to 90ies-electronica with this fabulous rework. IAN JAMES SLADE did another rendition of the video especially for the remix:



Listen to previews of the full EP here:

The full ARGOS-Project also includes an experimental photo series done by Vienna-based artist DAMIEN RICHARD, the video for ARGOS has been created by up-and-coming-audiovisual-artist IAN JAMES SLADE from Bristol, using stills from DAMIEN RICHARD and MIKE SIMMONS.

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See more of DAMIEN RICHARDs work here: https://monocam.wordpress.com/

See more of IAN JAMES SLADEs work here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ianslade19 and here :https://soundcloud.com/ian-slade

Ladies and Gentlemen – please enjoy the collaborate and pan-european effort that is ARGOS.

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