Mikka Blank on FM4 Liquid Radio November 12

liquid radio nov12smallanother contribution of yours truly for the Liquid Radio Series on Radio FM4 – the program runs every sunday at 00h CET and is dedicated to “murky, misty nether regions of slow-curdling swirls and galvanic grooves”

very nicely put, indeed. of course i strongly recommend to let every one of your weeks fade out with those shadowy, slow-motion-grooves brought to you by various artists from all over the world. and i’m happy to join the ranks of those hooded heroes every now and then. if you are out of the broadcast region in austria & it’s neighbourhood, you can always tune in to the live stream at www.fm4.at

the tracks:

Air Liquide – Chromoplastics
Monolake – Axis
Composite Profuse – CRC666
Rework – Jogging Beat (Roman Flugels Tender Feet Mix)
SCSI9 – Summariata
Dich – Move Mind (Pablo Bolivar Electric Remix)
Dialogue – A Back In (Dub Taylor Reshape)
Tigerskin – Knight 18
Villalobos – Easy Lee (Random Factor Remix)
D Diggler – Somewhere Sunday
Minilogue – Cow, Crickets And Clay
Neotropic – Under Violent Objects
Scorn – Silver Rain Fell (Meat Beat Manifesto Remix)

Please enjoy

Your sincerely,


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