News from The Kung Fu Divas

finally, some new material by The Kung Fu Divas !

– just one track, but we find it rocks! Of course we do …



the track is a quite simple, but ehrm effective dancefloorbasher and the short vocal snippets should actually be some kind of homage to some all time heroes like LFO and The KLF. The video came into existence quite spontaneously when fellow surf-cracks Hubert Mühlbacher and Philipp Schwarz showed the divas some footage they’ve been recording with a tiny camera mounted to their boards while doing some wipeouts in spain, portugal and croatia. Cutting-Master Boris Steiner provided the final visual mix to the music and bang, it was done. Myself always being an admirer of spontaneously produced art is quite fond of the final mix – especially as both the track and the clip had been

done within just a few hours of work. Anyone who produces music knows that it’s mostly those quick tracks that are the dearest – if you twiddle and brood for weeks and months it’s seldom that someting appealing comes out of it.

find the soundcloud (and itunes) link here.

a whole bag of remixes for “Who is the KFD”  is in the making, and we’re pretty much looking forward to that.

Also, The Kung Fu Divas have been quite busy doing remixes for some highly acclaimed austrian artists. And we assure, those tracks reeeeaally got something to it – diverse, subtle and elegant so to say and a clear step away from the rough cut’n’paste-aesthetics used in the past.

More soon!

yours sincerely,


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