Collapsing New People – Crash Test Junkie

cnp_presspic_small“For the archive to maintain any kind of integrity, it must sift and reject, consign some memories to oblivion. History must have a dustbin, or history will be a dustbin, a gigantic, sprawling garbage heap.”
– Simon Reynolds

For Collapsing New People, there’s nothing wrong with looking back and looking forward at the same time. Founded in 2002 in Vienna, the 4 musicians dug deep into their roots of wave, post-punk and early electronica to form something new out of it. Soon a characteristic formula for their sound aesthetics had been found – a mixture of 80ies pop and 90ies electronic blended together with various other influences like Dada, Art Brut, Film Noir, SciFi and “an old brick building” – reconstructed and remodeled into something new and fit not only for now, but for the future. But CNP, of course, is much more than just the sum of their influences – although they don’t scare away from paying homage to them. Having different influences apart from music itself when it comes to produce new sound has always been an enrichening experience for the listener – at least in my book. But listen – and see – for yourself:



Crash Test Junkie is already their third album and i can only recommend this.
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