Jessie Ware – Devotion

After lending vocals to SBTRKT’s 2010 single “Nervous” it’s about time to hear some more from british siren Jessie Ware. And her debut album “DEVOTION” is a quite delicate thing – it breathes beauty with every single note. The production is excellent and beautiful, crystal clear, transparent, elegant and smooth as silk. The songs are very well crafted, but what – again – really strikes me with this album is it’s wonderful sound aesthetics and great electronic backdrop on which Jessie Whare paints her colours with her strong, yet etheric voice. Imagine a stronger, richer and bit more light-hearted Sade Adu, accompanied by Boards Of Canda, produced by Timbaland and you may as well get the picture. Of course, it’s pop music at it’s core, sometimes even a bit reminiscent of such chanteuses like Lisa Stansfield and Alison Moyet (… they both had their moments, but of course often – not). Beyond that, it’s very modern and well-tempered soul music, but refreshingly cool and elegant and not a bit retro. Very modern indeed- futuristic and yet faithful to the traditions of soul music.

This is an album i need to buy on vinyl, if possible, as it is a true work of art in the sense of a pop-music-record, complete with beautiful artwork and, of course, the delicacy of the whole work of art. “Devotion” somehow follows a great tradition of UK-based musicians and producers – make a work of art, but for the top of the pops.

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