Nils Petter Molvaer & Moritz von Oswald: 1/1

Oswald---MolvaerThe master of the ethereal trumpet, Nils Petter Molvaer, teamed up with Moritz von Oswald, best known for his excurses in dubtechno as Basic Channel (with Mark Ernestus) for a full-length album, so our expectations had been quite high, as we very much like the work of both artists. But “1/1” is a quite tough nut to crack, it’s spacious and sparse landscape leaves a first impression of , well – more would have been more, possibly maybe. So don’t expect to get sucked in immediately, “1/1” needs some time to unfold it’s dark beauty. At first glance, the whole album sounds like a spontaneous and more or less improvised recording and somehow reminds of the Henrik Schwarz/Bugge Wesseltoft collaboration “Duo“, but only in terms of structure, as “Duo” has a light and playful grounding quite contrary to the brooding contemplations of “1/1”. If “Duo” is like a travel over land and sea in broad daylight, “1/1” flies over vast and icy landscapes in a hazy dawn. Or through empty cities at night, if you prefer this picture. oswald_molvaer
For the true connaisseur of music-seen-as-a-painting, “1/1” is the thing – the sparingly arranged tracks leave enough room to let your mind wander and get lost in the music. Of course we recommend to put this records on as a an attentive and rewarding listening session – it won’t work exactly work for a dancing frenzy…

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