Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble

What looks like Lord Gaga on the left, shows up-and-coming producer Orlando Higginbottom, posing for the cover of his full-lenghth-debut-album “Trouble” under his elaborate moniker Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. But having a knack for wearing eccentric costumes is, of course, not the only quality of  the 22-year-old producer and DJ. Having in fact already remixed Lady Gaga, Sugababes, Katy Perry, Friendly Fires and many others, what exactly could be the reason for all this attention? Higginbottom combines a lot of different styles, sometimes quite subtle, sometimes a bit more in your face – 80ies synthpop, 90ies electronica, 2Step, jungle, even detroit techno and much more – a very broad spectrum that sometimes sounds like Underworld meeting Hot Chip or The XX getting reworked by Giorgio Moroder. It’s dance-pop, of course – a bit mellow sometimes, but always entertaining – and never annoying.The greater danger lies with not really listening – if you let the CD play and move to other distractions, the music occasionally seems to disappear mysteriously … but there are always moments that regain your attention. The intriguing thing about “Trouble” is the somehow seamless and homogenic blend of influences, packed into a unique semi-brand of sound aesthetic unmistakably identifiable with TEED.  One of my favourite tracks off the album is the single “Garden”, already released a year ago and featured in a Nokia ad campaign but still a fine work of art.

The very fine TEED-remix for Friendly Fires’ “Hawaiian Air” can be heard as the opening track of this march’s issue of blankTON radio, just click the link for a free stream:


buy the CD from amazon here:


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