Wesseltoft/Schwarz – Duo

funny, eh?

Bugge Wesseltoft, who is primarily known for his ongoing experimentation with electronic music within a jazz-environment teamed up with Henrik Schwarz – one of the most interesting house-producers at the moment – in 2010 to try out how jazz and electronic music could and would work together in a framework of live improvisation. Performances at various european festivals gained the project already quite a following, so the idea to produce an album consisting of material distilled from their live gigs has been quite obvious. “Duo”, as the album is accurately called, has now been released through Jazzland/Universal and features 8 tracks of fine, combined craftsmanship, so to say. If you are familiar with Wesseltofts works in the near-house-field and Schwarz’ highly acclaimed remixes for sophisticated dancefloors you may expect a booming, funky 4-to-the-floor-experience – well, think again. “Duo” is a completely different animal – most of all it’s daring and very musical. Both artists take their time, listen to what the other is doing, acts and reacts – a nonverbal dialogue on a high level. Although consisting only of Wesseltofts piano and Schwarz’ quite restrained electronics, the tracks are rich and elaborate.  The basic mood is breezy, transparent and in a good way – chilly. The subtle and unobtrusive nature of the duos music makes close listening a rewarding experience and if you like getting lost in an album, hearing it over and over again – here you are. Otherwise, if abused as cd-player-fodder, the sublime and eloquent patterns of “Duo” disappear and dissolve into thin air, but still manage to create an atmosphere of breezy coolness – which comes quite handy in those hot summers.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U–tHXNCdko&w=500&h=349]

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