blankTON radio 2013 #6

blankton radio 2013 6Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space. And not only that, we are also travelling in time. While you were reading the first two sentences, you have swooshed at least two seconds right into the very heart of the future. Stunning, innit? And as your expert in music for travelling through space, time and this other dimension (you know, the one with the giant hairy carrots, we talked about that earlier) we are proud to serve another exquisite aural dish with #6 of the blankTON radio series this year. Please unfasten your seatbelts, bring the stimulant of your choice into an upright position and hit the following play-button:

The tracks:
Minilogue – Deep Motions
Erster Wiener Heimorgelorchester – Widerstand ist Ohm (Ken Hayakawa Remix)
Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge – Out Of Order
Munk – Misterio (Bonar Bradberry Remix)
Monkey Brothers – The Great Opposite (Pablo Bolivar Remix)
David Pher – Ain’t Nobody (Lauhaus Mix)
The Juan MacLean – You Are My Destiny (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
SCSI9 – E-lastic
Mano Le Tough – Dropping Bombs (Original Mix)
Bermuda – Lhasama (Jay Shepheard Remix)
The Timewriter feat. Theresa Baltimore – Thunderball (Daniel Kyo Remix)
DJ Hell – The Angst (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
Stefan Gubatz – Extra (Original Mix)
Marvin Zeyss – Under The Mask (Rhadow Remix)
Ellen Alexis – Secrets Of Love
Wolfgang Rohrer & Alexander Siegel – Big Bertha
Remo – Mizar (Simon Baker Mix)
Le Sale – On The Beach (mikeBurns Remix)

Please enjoy.

Yours sincerely,


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