blankTON radio 2013 #9

blankton radio 9 13 2The float through space seemed endless (see last episode) but my supply of oxygen had been quite different. But thanks to a bunch of interstellar amazones, moonlighting as cod liver-pirates, i got lucky. They stopped my senseless tumblings and dragged me into their ship. Being the only male on board, romantic entanglements seemed unavoidable and had it not been for the enormous disparities in size, i would have been up for it! But try to snuggle with a 50-foot-woman. Needless to say that they dumped me on the next habitable planet, a vast and sandy affair. To distract the ubiquitous sandworms i designed an aural device, consisting of 13 sonic emissions and named it “blankTON radio #9 2013”. If you dare to listen, just follow this link. Just make sure you are not a sandworm – ask a friend, if in doubt!

Pablo Bolivar – Smoke Mode – Avantroots
SCSI9 – Song From The High Tower – Klik Records
Collective Machine – Let Me Know – KD Music
Sare Havlicek – Insinuations And Illusions (Brodin Copycat Remix) – Nang Records
John Tejada – Elsewhere – Kompakt
The XX – Tides (Dixon Remix) – Young Turks
Nygel Reiss – Universal Bank (Pablo Bolivar Edit) – Elastika
Kate Simko – Gamelan – Spectral Sounds
Ken Hayakawa – Sunbath – n/a
Tony Ipon – Let Me Go (Sare Havlicek Remix) – Innocent Music
The Juan MacLean – You Are My Destiny – DFA
Jordan Peak – Move With It (Huxlex Warehouse Dub) – Klasse Recordings
Mano Le Tough – Oblique (Chateau Flight Remix) – Internasjonal

Please enjoy!

Yours sincerely,


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