Mikka Blank – Back To Mali 2023

Continuing some celebratory things, this here  is a re-release of the very first blankTON recordings release “BRR001”.
BRR stands for blankTON recordings release, just to clear that up.
“Back To Mali Part1” comes in a slightly new mix with some tweaks here and there and some elements added back into it that were omitted from the original release and a new mastering was done at Point Blank Ranch for all tracks.
The “Original Demo Version” also received a new mastering and a huge sound enhancement over the original from 2014, while “Back To Mali Part 2” just got some light touches to fit in with the new versions of the other tracks.
What truly stands out for me in this release is the inclusion of my first real and somewhat proper track, “Dogon Dip Tank” from 2006, in a new mix and a new mastering. While I can’t quite recall the inspiration behind its mysterious title, it might have been influenced by a book I was reading at the time, which discussed the alleged fraud surrounding ancient astronauts visiting Mali centuries ago. But it could also have been plain dada and I’d like that explanation more. Much more, actually.
Overall, I hope you’ll enjoy listening to these tracks. The artwork for the release has been created with the support of Dall-E, based on my original artwork featuring a photograph of a Zaha Hadid Building in Vienna by yours truly.

Sincerely yours,

Mikka Blank – Back To Mali 2023 (Digital EP)