Cay Taylan – Dans

After experiencing a kind of album hiatus for many years, our valued friend and always-welcome guest producer and remixer, Cay Taylan, has made a resounding comeback. Since 2021, he has been consistently releasing a new album each year. His latest release, “Dans,” marks his 6th studio album, compiling some of his singles and EPs from recent years. “Dans”, meaning dance in Turkish, is a showcase of what Taylan calls Anatolian Dance Electronica. On “Dans” he blends house, acid, IDM, and, of course, instruments and motifs from Anatolian music. Often, these elements are expertly provided by collaborators such as Cem Yildiz, Nafas, Aziz Erol, and Kadir Dogan.

Maintaining a comfortable uptempo stomp throughout the entire album, “Dans” is the perfect choice for your New Year’s party or any time you crave a fresh and worldly breeze flowing through your ears. While I dearly missed “Ay,” featuring Dila and Metin Kendal, on this compilation, i’ve been informed that a brand-new version of this seductive and sensual dreamscape of a song will be included in Taylan’s next album. Well, bring it on already.



You can find “Dans” and all the other albums here:

Unfortunately, no physical release has been planned so far.